Interactive Projectors offer a complete solution for any meeting room or class room and is the perfect alternative to copy boards, conventional whiteboards and display screens, all in one simple device. The current breed of interactive projectors allow for content sharing amongst multiple locations, simple streaming from BYOD devices with moderated teacher modes. The sizes can vary from 60” to 100” Diagonal.


LCD/LED Touch screen come in the most common sees ranging from 40” up to 90” in size. Although more expensive than interactive projectors where larger sizes are concerned they offer specific advantages in brightness and resolution. The current breed of interactive screens offer up to 4K resolution and have built in PC or Android appliances allowing for users to download specific app’s that will enhance and develop their teaching or training environment.


With the use of projected capacitive multitouch technology for large format display ranging from 20” to 105’’ in display size. Turn any boring old window into a fully interactive display allowing your touch content to be fully explored by potential clients on a shop window.


There are many screen sharing appliances and applications available in the market today. We have products that cover the Entry Level- Enterprise Gradeand Education Specific market segments. These products are able to display the content from PC – MAC – iOS – Android via wireless and wired technologies. There are many different display modes that allow moderated views/share across all connected devices. The team at Big Vision Print (BVP) can recommend the ideal product.


Big Vision + Print are a brand agnostic provider and tailor solutions that are right for the customer. Businesses and organisations alike are seeking increased productivity and efficiency through the fast adoption of Unified Communication solutions. With the support our video conferencing partners Big Vision + Print is able to provide enterprise-grade video collaboration solutions to MEET, RECORD,STREAM and DISTRIBUTE. These solutions will also allow integration with third party unified communication applications like Skype for Business and Office 365.


It is a common problem amongst organisations that are scattered throughout the country or globe, that sending meeting participants is very expensive and time consuming. Providing the right collaboration tools that allows users to convene utilising video, voice and collaboration technology, fostering accelerated decision making and innovation. Only BVP can deliver a video collaboration experiences that bring users closer together and drive meaningful conversation for geographically dispersed teams.


Applying years of industry knowledge Big Vision + Print is able to consult and recommend technologies that will ensure your Video Conferencing experience is second
to none. With unique technologies across various vendors like, Acoustic Echo Cancelation, Eagle Producer, Noise Block & Acoustic Fence there is no environment to difficult. Native Microsoft integration also means that you can call Room systems with any mobile devices simply and efficiently.


Emerging collaboration spaces are becoming a common feature amongst businesses and organisations alike, fostering a new era in sharing and brain storming ideas. The mobile workforce is also upon us and BVP have the knowledge and product lines to enable true collaboration across all devices.

– Multipoint Calling
– Point to Point Calling
– Connect in the Cloud



Digital Signage is growing at a rapid rate and the cost to deploy these solutions has never been more affordable. Big Vision + Print have the product portfolio that encompasses a range of digital signage systems from basic players to networked systems and full cloud managed solutions. The LED LCD screens available range from basic indoor units to fully network managed commercial screens for the brightest and eye catching images.


Media Players are the appliances used to store the published content that is connected to the display. Big Vision + Print has a range of appliances from basic stand alone appliances, fully managed cloud / network appliances, integrated into display appliances and fully cloud based systems. IP Streaming another technology at play is allowing organisations to delivery video and audio content through standard network infrastructure with simple encoding and decoding protocols.


Large Scale Full Colour IP Rated screens are harnessing the rapid growth in out door billboard advertising. BVP has the knowledge and experience too deliver a turnkey solution no matter how large or small the job. Our outdoor LED displays feature DIP technology to ensure maximum brightness for outdoor applications insuring years of trouble free operation. With the included advertising software you can update the LED displays from virtually any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world! The patented platform offers a plethora of content management features which include:
Automatic advertising sales processing and Content transmission
Intuitive Campaign, promotion, and Message scheduling
Live onshore technical support to guide you through Features
Centralised Marketplace for advertisers to easily purchase advertising space
Earn daily/weekly/monthly advertising revenue

Visit for a free trial simply login using your signon to Google, Microsoft or Facebook



Big Vision + Print have access to most major brands across the full spectrum of technologies available from these manufacturers, meaning we are able to provide an unbiased recommendation of solutions to suit the intended use of the the space required. The major technologies at play are LCD – DLP – LCOS – LASER. Our years of industry experience allows us to intimately understand theses technologies and present the most suitable products for our clients needs.


Like the projector range Big Vision + Print has access to most major brands across the full spectrum of technologies available from these manufacturers, meaning we are able to provide an unbiased recommendation of solutions to suit the intended use of the the space required. These screens range in size from 17” up to a huge 98” in size. The range available starts at entry level, light commercial, full commercial and mission critical screens all with various features and brightness levels. The experienced team at BVP is able to provide the correct screen for the correct application.


Creating an eye popping huge impact visual screen can be achieved by utilising video wall technologies delivered via LCD / LED Screens or even Digital Projectors. These huge imaging walls allow for content to be displayed across the whole imaging wall or in certain control room applications the screens are able to display individual or discrete content. Contact team BVP for a consultation.


The team at Big Vision + Print able able to provide professional consulting briefing and design parameters for any job no mater how big or small. Government and Commercial Boardroom and Training Facilities Education House Of Worship