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Specialists in Printers and copiers, audio-visual hardware, technology hardware, with in-house tech support

Our Ilford Certified Print Studio creates high quality canvas and fine art prints, plan printing, scanning and laminating
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Who We Are

Big Vision and Print is a long-established business operating in the heart of Wollongong, on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales.

Wollongong Habour

Big Vision and Print is a relatively new business name that reflects what we do today, however,  customers might be more familiar with our old name, Wollongong Drawing and Office Equipment, especially given our long history in the Illawarra region. In fact, our origins date way back to 1948! In mid-2014 Wollongong Drawing and Office Equipment changed its name to Big Vision and Print.

WDOE has changed to BVP

This is our story…

In 1948 Harding and Halden set up an office in Burelli Street Wollongong and it was managed by Stan Stemp. Stan became well regarded by local architects and designers for the quality products and dedication to his customers. The business changed hands in 1970, 1971 and again in 1981, and was then owned by Mr Tom Elliott.

In 1985 the business changed hands to Tom’s wife, Carole Elliott and she operated operated under the new name of Wollongong Drawing and Office Supplies. WDOS was firmly established as the go to place for architectural supplies, drawing pens, drawing boards, plotters, plan printers, photocopiers, and office supplies. The ammonia plan printing service was a core offering and unique in Wollongong. The printing and photocopying service was also well established, along with the on-site technical support. The legacy of customer-focused approach set by Stan Stemp remained paramount.

In 1988 the name was altered slightly to Wollongong Drawing and Office Equipment  to avoid confusion with another business – Wollongong Office Supplies. In 1990 the distinctive WDOE logo was created, with red arrows and letters ‘We Do’ in the logo were a play on WDOE. The slogan ‘We Do Care’ was established and that perfectly represented the long-established customer-first focus. Carole retired in 1995 and the business was taken over by then employees Rob and Kerrie Lammers.

By 1995 WDOE was primarily focused on the business equipment markets including printers, photocopiers and faxes, along with drafting and drawing supplies. The printing service had transformed from ammonia printers to analogue photocopiers and the fax was in its heyday. Again customer service was critical to the ongoing success.

By the late 1990’s the Internet age had fully emerged, analogue devices were rapidly being replaced with digital devices. Email grew in popularity, so begun the decline of the fax machine. Our technicians were suitably retrained and they embraced technological change, increasing their knowledge in computers and networking. Audio-visual products and in particular data projectors also became popular and within reach of most businesses.

Through the ability to once again change and adapt, WDOE quickly cemented its position as a leading ‘Pro AV’ provider throughout the Illawarra by utilising the internal technical capability of its filed service team. In the new millenium the business had adapted to change, expanded and diversified. WDOE maintained their dedication to business equipment operations, the printing service, and of course old fashioned customer service.

In 2006 WDOE was again taken over by an employee Goran Taseski. This change further strengthened the commitment to Pro AV and Business equipment, whilst maintaining the market leading position in wide format printing technologies. Again recognising the need to be innovative, flexible and constantly adapt to change, in February 2014 the directors appointed a new General Manager through internal promotion. Such long history of employing local people, training them and the internal promotion process provides clear evidence this is a truly family orientated business with strong morals and commitment to its employees and customers.

In March the new General Manager identified the need to bring the business name into line with the company’s vastly different business operations. The re-branding process commenced and soon after the new business name Big Vision and Print was developed and registered by Tasecorp Pty Ltd.

The new name clarifies what we do and will guide the business through the next era. Our new slogan also guides us into the future:

 Communicate Visually 1400x500

Today we remain committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and services just as Stan Stemp epitomised way back in 1948. Today our business focuses primarily on audio visual products, business equipment and solutions, and backed with in-house technical services.

We almost certainly have the Illawarra’s oldest running wide-format printing service, although the ammonia plan printers are now relegated to history, we continue to embrace cutting edge print technologies to serve the diverse needs of customers, from rapid production of black and white building plans right through to helping artists creating the finest museum-grade archival prints known as ‘Giclée prints’.

We are now offering a complete capture-to-print service for artists with the print studio is now fully colour managed and recently achieved Ilford certification. Our printing service is now consistently the highest standards in quality, colour accuracy and archivability. We’ve also added a broad range of photography equipment and supplies, completing our vision+print philosophy.

Today the Big Vision and Print team looks forward to continuing the legacy of superior customer service that stretches back over 65 years!


To help businesses communicate visually
To provide the very best products and services that will provide real benefits and in turn create mutual value
To ensure we create and foster long term relationships that will provide mutual value
Whether we are project managing a complex audio-visual installation for a university, an entire fleet of photocopiers with fully managed services, or just a basic colour printer, we get the job done properly and to your budget.

Visit Our Office:

Our office is located at 3/2 LADY PENRHYN DRIVE, UNANDERRA NSW 2526:

Please use Google maps below or use this address to navigate with your GPS: 3/2 LADY PENRHYN DRIVE, UNANDERRA NSW 2526